Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Yeah, Yeah, It's Been A Long Time, But I'm Here To Bitch

I hate when people invade my space when I'm in the checkout line or at the cash register. Do you REALLY have to stand so close that I can feel you breathe on me? This has happened a lot lately, now that the Massholes and other tourist assholes are in town. They have no manners whatsoever. I want to kick their asses sometimes. But I just smile sweetly and wish them a good day. Is parking really that hard? I've come out of a store to find that someone has parked thisclose to the drivers side door and I've had to get into my own frelling car on the passenger side. I need to get some of those "You park like an asshole" cards to leave on windshields. I also love the people who park in two spots for their precious vehicle. If it's so frelling precious, leave it at home and drive a rent a wreck, moron. Then there are the people who insist on parking right next to my car even though there are so many other empty spots (and I am not talking parking near the entrance - I like two walk when the weather is nice and tend to park towards the end). Then you have to park so close, YOU give ME a dirty look when you parked there after me. REALLY?!? I also love the people who have to sit next to me even though there are plenty of empty seats. Then they glare at me when I get up and move. F - U. And I still love the assholes who feel they have to play road games with me in my Beemer. Folks, it's not a race car. It's a nice car because I take care of it. It's a 1999, but some of you just HAVE to pass me on the right or left, then get in front of me and slow wayyyyyyy down, forcing me to get in the left lane to pass you. Then you do it again. Then I get pissed off, step on it and leave you in the dust. Do not piss off a Beemer owner. Just sayin'. Another thing I just love is pulling into the parking lot of our local grocery store, Hannaford, and finding that there is a vehicle coming at me on the WRONG side. I actually just stopped my car and waited for them to get on the correct side. The asshole gave me the finger, like I was at fault and wouldn't budge. So I pulled into the empty spot right there and waved and smiled at him sweetly. He did not like that. In the USA, you drive on the RIGHT side of the road and on the RIGHT side of the lane in the parking lot. Do NOT make your own lane by driving down the middle, forcing me to swerve, or insisting on getting on my side or I will sit and wait until you correct yourself. Or I'll just piss you off. So there. I'm done with my bitching for today. What sticks in your craw?

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