Monday, September 21, 2015

What a bitching Monday

Haven't posted in just over year. Not because there is nothing that sticks in my craw, it's just that real life intrudes yet again.

I'll try to make it up to you.

Let's start with a photo.

This happened about a month ago. We go shopping here once every week or so. It's a nice local store where everyone knows your name (yes, really) and my dog. If I don't bring the dog with me, they get upset.

I have a BMW. I have mentioned this before. But I am not one of those Beemer assholes, like the one above. An older vehicle than mine, not the greatest of shape and they felt they had to take up almost three spaces for their "precious baby."

This is when I love web sits like You Park Like An Asshole. Check out their Facebook page as well. They even have a business card you can print up and put under the windshield wiper if you want to. Have at it:

Some people like to take asshole parkers into their own hands. Check this out at

Ooooooh, has some good photos, too.

Even has jumped on the bandwagon. Check them out.

Now you can say thank you to me. I hope to post more things that stick in my craw soon. In the meantime, waste your afternoon checking out all the above links.

You're welcome.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why does Facebook suck so much yet we still use it?

Because they are the best communication for many online users. I, for one, use it to stay in touch with friends and family and colleagues from around the world. But many things about Facebook stick in my craw - here are my TOP 10 - what are yours? 1) Why are there people on my Friends list I never approved as friends? I suddenly found five new friends I never asked to be friends with, nor did they send me friend requests. 2) Why am I being forced to install Messenger on my smartphone so that I can see any messages? Why take up space on my smartphone, Facebook? YOU SUCK. 3) Headline recently: "Facebook says page calling for death to Jews doesn't violate 'community standards'." Really? This is total bullshit. Facebook takes forever to respond to people who report forged profiles, harassing profiles, pages, and groups (like this one), but jumps on any profile that is made for a pet. I guess Mark Zuckerber must hate animals and love spammers, scammers, stalkers and other criminals. They also suck working with law enforcement, dragging their feet when subpoenaed for subscriber information, leaving victims vulnerable to more online (and offline) attacks. YOU SUCK FACEBOOK! 4) As for those pet profiles, Facebook is blind to the FACT that the pet owners who create those profiles are much more active on Facebook than regular users. They play more games, post more links, and even shop on Facebook. My dog has a profile and it hurts me to see her furry friends getting their accounts deleted all the time. This is so frelling stupid. 5) I hate the ads in the newsfeed where Facebook puts a "post" from a group, page or other profile that a friend has "liked," but I do not have anything to do with it. Then when I click on it to stop seeing the stupid posts, Facebook wants to know why. Because if I wanted to see something like that, I am adult enough to find it on my own. STOP SPAMMING MY NEWSFEED FACEBOOK! 6) Fake profiles abound on Facebook. I manage several groups that I had to put in CLOSED mode because so many of them were joining the group, then either spamming it with junk ads and links or sending me private messages trying to tell me they were in love with me. I reported all of these and Facebook sent back the notice that there was nothing wrong with those profiles. REALLY? You can't tell by the very little info on their profile and the obviously stolen photo, lack of friends and lack of posts that they aren't even a real person? I guess everyone at Facebook is just plain stupid. 7) Why, when I login, does Facebook insist on showing me Top Stories when I automatically go and change it back to Most Recent? There should be a way to set that so that I don't have to redo it every frelling time I log in! 8) I used to be able to go to the lists I'd made of friends to see just what those lists were posting. Now it's nearly impossible to do it, so I gave up. Why give that option if you're making it so damned hard to use? 9) For new users, why does Facebook make all the defaults "Everyone" instead of just "Friends?" Because THEY SUCK. When I do presentations, I have to show people how to change their settings - they usually have no clue there info, posts and photos are there for anyone on Facebook to see. 10) The same goes with the public search - did you know that if you don't dig through your account settings and uncheck the appropriate box that a screenshot of your profile, including whatever photo, posts and info are on there are available on any search engine results for ANYONE ONLINE WORLDWIDE to see? They don't need to be on Facebook. Do an ego search of your name and see what's out there about you (and not just including Facebook). You may be shocked. When you do the search, put your full name in quotes, such as "Anne Doyle" so that it refines the search. Otherwise you will get results for all the Annes, Doyles and Anne Doyles. You can refine it even further and put your name in quotes, then +Dover (or whatever city or state you live in). So Facebook, wise up. Kids and teens are flocking away from your web site because you suck. Pretty soon, us adults will find another site that doesn't infringe on our privacy, cares about its users and takes complaints about forged profiles, harassment and stalking seriously. I predict Facebook will be the next Myspace - floundering around trying to regroup while the rest of the Internet moves on and up. What are the things that stick in YOUR craw about Facebook? Let me know.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Yeah, Yeah, It's Been A Long Time, But I'm Here To Bitch

I hate when people invade my space when I'm in the checkout line or at the cash register. Do you REALLY have to stand so close that I can feel you breathe on me? This has happened a lot lately, now that the Massholes and other tourist assholes are in town. They have no manners whatsoever. I want to kick their asses sometimes. But I just smile sweetly and wish them a good day. Is parking really that hard? I've come out of a store to find that someone has parked thisclose to the drivers side door and I've had to get into my own frelling car on the passenger side. I need to get some of those "You park like an asshole" cards to leave on windshields. I also love the people who park in two spots for their precious vehicle. If it's so frelling precious, leave it at home and drive a rent a wreck, moron. Then there are the people who insist on parking right next to my car even though there are so many other empty spots (and I am not talking parking near the entrance - I like two walk when the weather is nice and tend to park towards the end). Then you have to park so close, YOU give ME a dirty look when you parked there after me. REALLY?!? I also love the people who have to sit next to me even though there are plenty of empty seats. Then they glare at me when I get up and move. F - U. And I still love the assholes who feel they have to play road games with me in my Beemer. Folks, it's not a race car. It's a nice car because I take care of it. It's a 1999, but some of you just HAVE to pass me on the right or left, then get in front of me and slow wayyyyyyy down, forcing me to get in the left lane to pass you. Then you do it again. Then I get pissed off, step on it and leave you in the dust. Do not piss off a Beemer owner. Just sayin'. Another thing I just love is pulling into the parking lot of our local grocery store, Hannaford, and finding that there is a vehicle coming at me on the WRONG side. I actually just stopped my car and waited for them to get on the correct side. The asshole gave me the finger, like I was at fault and wouldn't budge. So I pulled into the empty spot right there and waved and smiled at him sweetly. He did not like that. In the USA, you drive on the RIGHT side of the road and on the RIGHT side of the lane in the parking lot. Do NOT make your own lane by driving down the middle, forcing me to swerve, or insisting on getting on my side or I will sit and wait until you correct yourself. Or I'll just piss you off. So there. I'm done with my bitching for today. What sticks in your craw?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Miscellany Things That Stick In My Craw

People behind me at the grocery checkout who get mad because I'm talking with the cashier annoy the hell out of me. I like to talk to the cashier because I know most of them and while we're waiting for my credit card to be approved and the receipt to print, why not chat? Haters gonna hate. When I purposely park my car under the shade of a tree for my dog and it's at the other end of the parking lot, do you really have to park right next to me where there is no shade? When the light turns green, it means GO, not wait for a color you prefer. Giving me the finger when I let someone out of their driveway as a nice gesture on my part is only going to make me go the speed limit. And not one mile over it. If I'm at my local bar, I do not want to hear you very loudly complain, bitch and whine. Shut up and drink. If you are a dog owner and you have a poop bag, don't pick up the poop with the bag, then leave the bag on the sidewalk. Man up and carry it home to put in your trash! If you can't control your off-leash dog with your voice, it should be on a leash. There is a reason my dog (who is on a leash) doesn't like bigger dogs - she got nipped by one, so when your mastiff or german shepherd comes bounding up, she plasters herself to my legs because she is scared. Control your dog, dammit, or I'm going to kick yours! If I have coupons and one isn't working right, don't make loud fussy noises while the cashier tries to fix it. You won't make it work any faster with your rudeness. Please stop playing with me when I am driving on the highway. If you slow down, I will pass you in the left lane. That is not a cue for you to speed up, pass me, get in front of me and slow down again. I drive a BMW. I will blow you out of the water, you asshat.

Friday, March 2, 2012

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Things That Stick in my Craw: People in General

What is it with people? Good lord. I went to put gas in my car yesterday at Cumberland Farms. There are four pumps, two on each side. One car was in the middle of the two and a van was pulled up so that I couldn't reach my gas tank. He just stared at me. Then when I swiped my card upside down, the cashier inside demanded I come inside and prepay. I went in and asked him to reset it and explained I swiped the card the wrong way. He told me I had to prepay with him. I asked him again and said if he would not, then I would go elsewhere. He reset it. I went back out and the van was gone, so I pulled up to the end so that another car could fit in behind me. At least I was polite enough to do that. At the grocery store, I'm pulling slowly out of my parking space and was pretty much out of the space when this huge SUV came roaring up, beeped angrily at me and the driver gave me the finger. Yeah, right, speeding in the parking lot is always a good idea. A couple of weeks ago, a friend from Massachusetts brought her nephew to visit me. I took them to Short Sands Beach to enjoy the video games and such at Funorama, then had lunch at the Goldenrod. As we walked out and around the building, four teenage girls looked at me, what I was wearing and began whispering and giggling, then I heard them say something about me being a tourist. I was wearing turquoise shorts and a tank top. WTF? I deliberately stopped, turned and glared at them. I almost said something, decided not to, but as we walked away I said to my friend very loudly, "Teen girls can be so damned mean these days." She agreed with me. If I'm pushing my grocery cart on the right side of the aisle and you see me coming, don't switch from the left to the right side and force me to go around you. Please don't suddenly stop in the middle of the grocery aisle, then get mad at me when I politely say, "Excuse me." We went to a thrift shop the other day and my husband was looking at something when a woman stood right next to him. He tried to ignore her, then instead of saying "Excuse me" to him, she actually pushed him out of the way and hmphed at him. Then when we left, she was in my way. I said "Exuse me" and she gave me the dirtiest look. He told me he was ready to punch her. If I have coupons, don't start bitching if you're behind me in line. Go to another cash register, asshat. That's all for now.....

Monday, July 4, 2011

Things That Stick In My Craw - Tourists Part Deux

It's tourist season again in our lovely small coastal Maine town. Which means the Massholes, New York Nitwits, Connectitits and Canadiasses are back.

I know tourism drives our town, but do you all have to be such asshats?

If I'm running in the morning with my dog, single file, is it really that hard for the two or three of you to go to single file to let us pass? Of course it is! Force us into the road, which is busy with cars so that we almost get hit several times.

If you're in a road race and running alone, don't take up the whole frelling sidewalk and give me dirty looks because I'm NOT in the road race. Share the sidewalk, you moron.

When our local grocery store puts out sawhorses in front where it already clearly has "NO PARKING" in giant letters, it does NOT mean, park in front of those sawhorses and wait for your lazy ass wife while she shops.

The same goes with parking sideways in two handicap spots when you don't even have a handicap sticker/placard. If your child in his karate uniform can't walk to where you can legitimately park, then you need to put a special helmet on his head and put him on the short bus and get a real handicap sticker.

Don't pull out of your parking spot and then start driving on the wrong side, straight at me, then give me the finger. I can't help it if you got your drivers license in a Cracker Jack box.

When I go to my local stores and the employees who know me say hello (and are genuinely happy to see a local they know) or high five me and we wink or giggle, don't give me a dirty look - or them, either. Yes, we love you're here spending your money in our town, but we have this secret "handshake" that we can't wait for you to leave.

Stop throwing your garbage on the side of the road. Is it really that hard to wait until you get back to your hotel/motel or rental and throw it in the trash? I am SICK of picking up your trash in my yard.

If you stop me to ask for directions and I honestly don't know where you're asking about, don't get ticked off at me and claim I'm just not telling you because you're a tourist. Next time I see you, I'll direct you to get on 95 north and tell you to stop when they start speaking French.

If you're polite to me, I will bend over backwards to help you get to where you want to go - I've pulled my iPhone out of my armband to do a search in Maps for people. All I ask is for a sincere "thank you."

My dog is a Siberian Husky. She is NOT a wolf (good lord, people, she's only 35 pounds, wolves are MUCH bigger and illegal to own as a pet). If your child is afraid of dogs, don't wave me off the sidewalk in anger. You should seriously take the kid to a psychiatrist and find out what the problem is. What are they going to do when they get older and encounter dogs? You can't shelter them forever. Besides, my dog in on a leash, in full control of me. I don't want your brat's dirty hands on her, anyway.

If, however, you ask nicely if you and your kids can pet her, I don't mind. She is an edu-dog (she goes to schools with me to talk to students about cyberbullying), so she gets petted by many kids at once. But do ask first!

Well, I'm glad I got that all off my chest. Have a good 4th of July and don't be asshats!