Sunday, December 31, 2017

Put Back Unwanted Items!

I work for a discount retailer part time. Not one day goes by where someone will either not want an item and just drop it on a shelf or throw it on the floor. If you decide you do not want something, either give it to a cashier or floor salesperson or put it back in the proper place! It's gross to find frozen or refrigerated items on a shelf. We have to throw it out! And since it's a dollar store, do you really have to steal an item? I mean, really, it's $1 (or less). Finding empty packages is sad. If you need it that bad, I will buy it for you for chrissakes!!! Don't open a package to see what's inside, then leave it open. Please close it. And don't fill a cart with items, then leave the cart filled so that we have to put it all back. BUY what you put in the cart, you fucking numbnuts. Parents - don't let your kids run rampant through the store, bouncing balls off the walls or ceiling or playing with toys you are not going to buy them. We are not babysitters. And teens, don't put on hats and walk through the store, then put the hats back. What if you had lice, sores or other head/hair problems? I personally would not buy a hat from any store unless I personally unpacked and stocked it. YOU ARE GROSS!! And be nice to the cashier - stay off your smartphone, it's rude. We don't get paid a lot and we still smile and make sure you found everything you were looking for. Smile back and thank us! Have a Happy New Year!


Dian Courtright said...

I feel your pain. I work in a local non-profit thrift store. Most people shop with us because they can afford our prices, or realize that quality doesn't always mean new or just like to treasure hunt. Good people. But...there is that other element ... Meth heads and thieves. Meth heads will spend hours in the store obssesing over crap, take up your time with nonsense, pile up a bunch of stuff and then just leave and never come back, WTF? Thieves IMO just like to steal things. Anything and everything in the store has been shoved under a coat, put into a large purse or backpack or hidden in places I don't even want to imagine.

Lisa said...

I work retail, and our policy is not to say anything to "customers" who are opening packages etc. We would get fired for asking the children opening all the "blind box" toys to stop, or ask their parents to stop them. That happened. Why we can't say, "hey, please don't open those, it spoils the fun for others," I don't know. Ridiculous. And the parents don't care, if they notice, which they have to!

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