Friday, November 25, 2016

New Craigslist Scam Using Google Voice

I have some things up for sale on Craigslist. One listing is almost 500 books of all genres, fiction and non-fiction, from the late 1800s up to fairly current. I get a text from 603-664-4032: "Hi, wanna buy ur Almost 500 books for sale - all kinds URGENTLY. can i call you now?"

I do a google search on the number, it's in New Hampshire, and came up with nothing, so I told them to call me. I wait. Suddenly I get a call from a Washington, D.C. number, 202-455-8888. I answer and a female recorded voice asks me to input a 2-digit code to connect. WTF?

I get a text from this person saying it's him and to punch in 50 so we can talk. Supposedly it's a Google phone because his cell phone is dead. I respond, then why are you able to text from this 603 number if your cell phone is dead. He insists I answer the "google" call. I finally replied with "Go to That's me. If this is not a scam, then you can call me from the 603 number u r texting me from."

No answer.

Frelling scammers.

BTW, I did call back the 202 area code number and it's a poorly recorded message claiming it's a Google exchange. I wonder if Google knows about this?

Have a giggle and call that number yourself.

Here's a great resource on what to do if you DO fall for the scam and your number is stolen by these scammers

UPDATE!!!! This just sent to me via email dated 1/29/2017:

Friday, March 25, 2016

Craigslist Scammers Stick In My Craw

I sell and buy on Craigslist when I can. The majority of people are honest and nice people - some I have become friends with in real life. But then you have the lowlife scammers trying to take advantage of those who are trying to make some money on things they are trying to sell. I am going to expose a bunch of them here. If you are sensitive to foul language, read and look no further. I am going to show you screen shots of scammers and how they tried to scam me, then I will list all of their cell phone numbers and how to report them to their cell phone providers. For those who provided a link to a scamming web site, I will show you how to report those as well. Are you ready to fight back against these scamming scum of the earth? YES!!!! In the comments, list any cell phone numbers you have received scam texts from and I can show you how to report them.

Number one below: Cell phone number "707-736-7415" - put the phone number in quotes as shown into your favorite search engine (I use Google) and view the results. It took a few clicks on the links in the results, but I eventually found out this phone number was coming from Clicked on their Contact link and got the email address, I sent them a complaint with the phone number, explained they were Craigslist scammers and I had a screen shot if they wanted it. Web site URL resolved to an email address of - I use and put the web site URL in their search box to get the results. I sent them an email with the full web link that was sent to my cell phone and also offered a screen shot if they wanted it. Most of the time, I do not get a reply, but every once in a while, they do respond and let me know if they have taken care of it. The more you can report these bastards, the better.

Number two below: "406-763-7597" This cell phone number belongs to Qwest Corporation, which is owned by Century Link., clicked on Contact Us, found nothing. Went back to their main page, clicked on Privacy at the bottom and sure enough, an Abuse email address was shown on the righthand side of the screen -

Number three below: "231-828-9751" comes from Frontier North, Inc in Michigan, I couldn't find any email addresses to report scams, so I put in the WHOIS search engine at and got an email address,, as well as

Number four below: "779-216-5658" Peerless Network of Illinois,, had to do a WHOIS search (or could have filled out the Contact Us form, but email is faster) and got and, as you can see he was having fun with me, claiming NOT to be a scammer.

Number five below: "424-274-6431", Clec, Llc - Ca,, clicked on Contact, If you are not a customer, decided not to fill out the form and click on Law Enforcement link and got an email address,, also did a WHOIS search and got an email address of As you can see, this scammer had a wonderful story to tell me. I told him what you see and to visit my web site, Didn't hear back from him, LOL.

Number six below: "617-684-5914", Allegiance Telecom Massachusetts, part of XO Communications,, there is a customer support form you can fill out, but I dug some more and under their Legal and Privacy link I finally found

Number seven below: "207-517-9081", hmm, this is in Maine, where I live, but aha, they tried to get me to click on the scam link, which was located on the web site Did a WHOIS search on that site and it came back to Google, but I suspected something was up with that. Typed in the whole address and it came to - remember that web site from the first example? AHA! Now the phone number. in Maine. and

Number eight below: "410-934-7720", Verizon in Maryland,,couldn't find any way to report the scam and went with the default, the web site was, which WHOIS showed an email address of Are you seeing a pattern with some of these companies harboring scammers?

Number 10 below: "914-502-9774" which comes from Level 3 Communications,, As you can see, this scammer was a bit different.

Number 11 below: "518-977-5945", Barr Tell Usa, Inc.,,

Number 12 below: "818-533-1381", Well, this was a very interesting one. The number traced back to someone called The Exotic Muffin (also an escort service), but eventually found they were using Verizon,

Number 13 below: "757-504-1292", Omnipoint Communications, which I found out merged with Voicestream Wireless, which became T-Mobile,,

Number 14 below: This is a twofer - "818-584-3721" and "818-584-3723" traced back to Pacific Bell which is owned by AT&T,, the web site was, our good old friend, reported to and

Number 15 below: "443-266-6738" Global Crossing Local Services in Maryland which is now owned by Level 3 Communications,,

Number 16 below: "602-904-8942" Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless,

Number 17 below: "210-399-2556" Level 3 Communications,,

Number 18 below: AT&T,

Don't forget to add any numbers you received that you feel are a scam number from Craigslist. Post a screen shot if you can. Happy hunting!