Friday, November 25, 2016

New Craigslist Scam Using Google Voice

I have some things up for sale on Craigslist. One listing is almost 500 books of all genres, fiction and non-fiction, from the late 1800s up to fairly current. I get a text from 603-664-4032: "Hi, wanna buy ur Almost 500 books for sale - all kinds URGENTLY. can i call you now?"

I do a google search on the number, it's in New Hampshire, and came up with nothing, so I told them to call me. I wait. Suddenly I get a call from a Washington, D.C. number, 202-455-8888. I answer and a female recorded voice asks me to input a 2-digit code to connect. WTF?

I get a text from this person saying it's him and to punch in 50 so we can talk. Supposedly it's a Google phone because his cell phone is dead. I respond, then why are you able to text from this 603 number if your cell phone is dead. He insists I answer the "google" call. I finally replied with "Go to That's me. If this is not a scam, then you can call me from the 603 number u r texting me from."

No answer.

Frelling scammers.

BTW, I did call back the 202 area code number and it's a poorly recorded message claiming it's a Google exchange. I wonder if Google knows about this?

Have a giggle and call that number yourself.

Here's a great resource on what to do if you DO fall for the scam and your number is stolen by these scammers

UPDATE!!!! This just sent to me via email dated 1/29/2017:


Mr. Critiquer said...

Excellent post. Scams get on everyone's nerves and I feel the punishment for scamming should be as harsh as the punishment for anyone caught in the act of treason. Thanks for sharing.

Jayne Hitchcock said...

Beware of 214-462-7601. Just tried to pull the Google voice same of me not five minutes ago.

Anonymous said...

Add 720-539-8948 to the list

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