Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why does Facebook suck so much yet we still use it?

Because they are the best communication for many online users. I, for one, use it to stay in touch with friends and family and colleagues from around the world. But many things about Facebook stick in my craw - here are my TOP 10 - what are yours? 1) Why are there people on my Friends list I never approved as friends? I suddenly found five new friends I never asked to be friends with, nor did they send me friend requests. 2) Why am I being forced to install Messenger on my smartphone so that I can see any messages? Why take up space on my smartphone, Facebook? YOU SUCK. 3) Headline recently: "Facebook says page calling for death to Jews doesn't violate 'community standards'." Really? This is total bullshit. Facebook takes forever to respond to people who report forged profiles, harassing profiles, pages, and groups (like this one), but jumps on any profile that is made for a pet. I guess Mark Zuckerber must hate animals and love spammers, scammers, stalkers and other criminals. They also suck working with law enforcement, dragging their feet when subpoenaed for subscriber information, leaving victims vulnerable to more online (and offline) attacks. YOU SUCK FACEBOOK! 4) As for those pet profiles, Facebook is blind to the FACT that the pet owners who create those profiles are much more active on Facebook than regular users. They play more games, post more links, and even shop on Facebook. My dog has a profile and it hurts me to see her furry friends getting their accounts deleted all the time. This is so frelling stupid. 5) I hate the ads in the newsfeed where Facebook puts a "post" from a group, page or other profile that a friend has "liked," but I do not have anything to do with it. Then when I click on it to stop seeing the stupid posts, Facebook wants to know why. Because if I wanted to see something like that, I am adult enough to find it on my own. STOP SPAMMING MY NEWSFEED FACEBOOK! 6) Fake profiles abound on Facebook. I manage several groups that I had to put in CLOSED mode because so many of them were joining the group, then either spamming it with junk ads and links or sending me private messages trying to tell me they were in love with me. I reported all of these and Facebook sent back the notice that there was nothing wrong with those profiles. REALLY? You can't tell by the very little info on their profile and the obviously stolen photo, lack of friends and lack of posts that they aren't even a real person? I guess everyone at Facebook is just plain stupid. 7) Why, when I login, does Facebook insist on showing me Top Stories when I automatically go and change it back to Most Recent? There should be a way to set that so that I don't have to redo it every frelling time I log in! 8) I used to be able to go to the lists I'd made of friends to see just what those lists were posting. Now it's nearly impossible to do it, so I gave up. Why give that option if you're making it so damned hard to use? 9) For new users, why does Facebook make all the defaults "Everyone" instead of just "Friends?" Because THEY SUCK. When I do presentations, I have to show people how to change their settings - they usually have no clue there info, posts and photos are there for anyone on Facebook to see. 10) The same goes with the public search - did you know that if you don't dig through your account settings and uncheck the appropriate box that a screenshot of your profile, including whatever photo, posts and info are on there are available on any search engine results for ANYONE ONLINE WORLDWIDE to see? They don't need to be on Facebook. Do an ego search of your name and see what's out there about you (and not just including Facebook). You may be shocked. When you do the search, put your full name in quotes, such as "Anne Doyle" so that it refines the search. Otherwise you will get results for all the Annes, Doyles and Anne Doyles. You can refine it even further and put your name in quotes, then +Dover (or whatever city or state you live in). So Facebook, wise up. Kids and teens are flocking away from your web site because you suck. Pretty soon, us adults will find another site that doesn't infringe on our privacy, cares about its users and takes complaints about forged profiles, harassment and stalking seriously. I predict Facebook will be the next Myspace - floundering around trying to regroup while the rest of the Internet moves on and up. What are the things that stick in YOUR craw about Facebook? Let me know.

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