Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Miscellany Things That Stick In My Craw

People behind me at the grocery checkout who get mad because I'm talking with the cashier annoy the hell out of me. I like to talk to the cashier because I know most of them and while we're waiting for my credit card to be approved and the receipt to print, why not chat? Haters gonna hate. When I purposely park my car under the shade of a tree for my dog and it's at the other end of the parking lot, do you really have to park right next to me where there is no shade? When the light turns green, it means GO, not wait for a color you prefer. Giving me the finger when I let someone out of their driveway as a nice gesture on my part is only going to make me go the speed limit. And not one mile over it. If I'm at my local bar, I do not want to hear you very loudly complain, bitch and whine. Shut up and drink. If you are a dog owner and you have a poop bag, don't pick up the poop with the bag, then leave the bag on the sidewalk. Man up and carry it home to put in your trash! If you can't control your off-leash dog with your voice, it should be on a leash. There is a reason my dog (who is on a leash) doesn't like bigger dogs - she got nipped by one, so when your mastiff or german shepherd comes bounding up, she plasters herself to my legs because she is scared. Control your dog, dammit, or I'm going to kick yours! If I have coupons and one isn't working right, don't make loud fussy noises while the cashier tries to fix it. You won't make it work any faster with your rudeness. Please stop playing with me when I am driving on the highway. If you slow down, I will pass you in the left lane. That is not a cue for you to speed up, pass me, get in front of me and slow down again. I drive a BMW. I will blow you out of the water, you asshat.

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